Attending School Facilitates A Process Of Maturing

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Attending school facilitates a process of maturing because students brings life experiences that have exposed them to multiple perspectives and ideas that differ from the values, traditions or beliefs of others. At times these diverse beliefs and outlooks may cause conflicts among classmates, co-workers, bosses, and perhaps school administrators. Our upbringing also affects the way we deal with the challenges of working and interacting with others on a daily basis not just in school, but also in other settings. My particular individual situation involved unique circumstances and resulted in outcomes that included confusion, contradiction, and frustration. I have worked with students and instructors at school for much of my life and in a workplace environment for over a year. The daily challenge to get things done in an efficient way can create differences when attempting to figure out the process that is best to achieve a team goal whether at work or at school.
At work, achieving a goal frequently begins with a compromise connected to my unorthodox way of thinking. A typical task requires collaboration or compromise about ideas, which leads to planning. The team may combine efforts to attain one goal, but individuals within the team usually have separate responsibilities that must come together to complete the overall project. There 's also a fundamental requirement to manage time for the individuals on the team to meet the ultimate deadline for the team 's successful…
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