Attending The A Homicide Trial

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I plan to attend the a homicide trial. I went by myself to Sonoma’s Superior Court buildings the day before and asked a woman working which cases would be good to go to and she recommended I come in the next day to see a triple homicide trial on Mark Capello. I have never been to a court proceeding before, so I am not exactly sure what to expect. I am excited at the prospect of viewing a homicide case. Will it be like the court shows on television? I enjoy watching dateline, and in that show they actually play clips of real court trials that have occurred. However, they only show the most interesting parts for television. I expect that this court proceeding will be different to what I have seen on t.v. I am picturing myself being…show more content…
There will also be bailiffs near the exits there to keep the peace and ensure safety in the courthouse. As the trail begins, I imagine that the bailiffs will ask all of us in the courtroom to rise as the judge and the jury come in. After we sit, I believe that the judge will be announced and a small introduction will be stated to refresh everyone’s memories of what is going on most recently in the trail. As soon as that is done, I assume that we will dive right into the proceedings. To be honest, I am not really sure what will happen in the court room. It all depends on what point in the trial they are at. The defense attorney could be questioning someone. The prosecutor could be questioning somebody. Somebody could be testifying, whether it be a witness, an expert, or Mark Capello himself. For all I know, I could possibly see images from the crime scene. I know that the murders happened in early 2013, so they could be pretty far along in the trail. I simply plan on being present and trying to take good notes and absorb as much as I can for the two hours I am there. Part II At eight in the morning on March 18th, my classmate Hallie and I showed up at the Administration building to go see a criminal court proceeding. The trail didn’t start until 8:30 am but we both wanted to get their early to ensure that we got through security and
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