Attending Upenn Research Paper

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Attending UPenn would be a monumental step in shaping my future and solidifying the goals I have set for myself. Becoming a veterinarian is a dream of mine and I believe attending UPenn would erase any of my doubts of becoming one or it will guide me to new career path in life. Its flexible and broad curriculum, welcoming and diverse social community, and intellectually and academically challenging classes will all benefit me into becoming an educated and open minded adult. First and foremost, I would like to join CURF. I have been working in a zooarchaeology lab in Brooklyn college analyzing how climate change has affected the the diet and lifestyle of the Saladoid people in Barbuda, Caribbean circa. 400-600 AD for the past year and a half. The professional and and intellectually curious environment of a lab is very…show more content…
A course I would like to take part in would be Asian American Communities. As an Asian American, I have grown up watching society constantly degrade my people into stereotypes and I have also learned how white American society has treated people of Asian origin throughout history. It is definitely a class that will teach me about the importance of my identity and how Asian American communities have thrived in this melting pot called America. In the midst of my rigorous class schedule, I would like to join clubs in UPenn as well where I can interact with like minded people with similar interests and beliefs as me. Groups I am considering to join are the Penn Pre-Veterinary Club and Penn Animal Advocacy. I have a soft spot for animals in my heart and I deeply believe it is a duty of the human race to take part in aiding misfortunate animals and raise awareness of the suffering we have done to them. The Penn Pre-Veterinary Club will also help me in pursuing a career in the animal
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