Attending Wallace State Community College

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Attending Wallace State Community College was really a no brainer for a myriad of reasons. It has been sixteen years since I attended high school. Since then, I have used practically none of the math that I learned in my high school years. Now, I have to relearn that math in order to put me on the path of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in History and following that up with law school at either the Cumberland School of Law at Samford or the Birmingham School of Law. The math program at Wallace is said to be easier as it includes less math that would only be used if I was trying to put a man on the moon. Add the convenience of riding to school with my beautiful wife because she already attends Wallace; coupled with having a smaller sized school and cheaper tuition just puts icing on the cake and beer in my mug. The path that led me to Wallace is chocked full of experiences and events leading me here. Some are good, some bad, some even comical. The main reason for me choosing Wallace is life in general; from joining the Marine Corps and having to put off school to fight jihadis, to getting married and having kids; thereby putting school off even longer, it has put a large gap in my transition from high school to college. It has also allowed me to have a realistic view of the world which leads me to why I chose Wallace State. Those reasons are because of the math program, school convenience, as well as the student body and campus. My wife Renae took her math classes at

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