Attending Wesleyan University Admission Essay

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Attending Wesleyan University would be a dream come true for me. I love everything about Wesleyan! I am striving to get a meaningful education and Wesleyan’s program has an excellent reputation. I envision being a part of the Wesleyan community by participating in various clubs and organizations, playing for the tennis team, and pursuing the degree that I am passionate about. This would allow me a meaningful and holistic journey that culminates with a well-rounded foundation to pursue my future goals.

An asset that stands out at Wesleyan is it's sense of a strong community. When I visited, I connected with many students who seemed sincerely polite, respectful, and intelligent. The atmosphere at Wesleyan is vibrant and amazing. There were people cheering at the lacrosse game, while I saw others in groups studying. I want to be part of a relevant and engaging environment in order to pursue my future goals. My current institution …show more content…

Currently, my liberal studies requirements are rather parochial and limiting. In contrast, Wesleyan’s program seems to have a unique program of study that can be used to address my own interests. I believe I would still be getting a great education in other areas such as history, economics, and literature. Having a broad background with various experiences are essential to be successful, not only in the film industry, but in life. I feel this will help me to be successful student, as I will be taking courses for the sake of learning and not for an institution's requirements.

Wesleyan’s film program is very impressive and I aspire to be a part of it. One of the best things I see in the program is the community around it. Features such as the Film Hall and the Film Series keep students engaged and allow them to excel in their passions. The film program at Wesleyan seems to have a proven track record with its successful alumni such as Michael Bay and Joss

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