Attending an Egyptian Tea Party

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Immersing myself in someone else’s culture might be my favorite thing. I find it fascinating that people around the world have so many different ways to interact with each other. The way they speak, greet, think, eat, behave and generally live varies vastly depending on the region they reside, and the culture they embody. That being said, when one of my mom’s Egyptian friends invited us for tea at her place I was more than excited to attend, mainly to get an inside look on a little bit of Egyptian culture. The tea party was scheduled to begin at 7, but naturally my mom and I were half an hour late. The funny thing is, despite our tardiness we were some of the first people there. This was one of the first things I realized was a big difference: while Americans are monochromic, Egyptians definitely belong to the polychromic category. It wasn’t until around 8 that everyone else showed up, and the hosts were perfectly fine with and expected people to be late. When we arrived the host greeted us with hugs and lots of kisses. Egyptian greetings are a lot longer than what most people are accustomed to. There is this constant unprofessed confusion in the Arab world on whether you kiss two or three times when greeting someone, and I can testify that Egyptians kiss about four times. They also ask a lot of questions while greeting. “How have you been? What are you up to? How’s school? How’s your family? I haven’t seen you in so long! I hope you’re doing well.” To which you have the
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