Attention Children During The Industrial Revolution

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As soon as I was about to respond the back door of the factory swung open. It was the tall slender man in his black suit. He looked around then Whistled out loud to stopped the work in the factory. Every child stopped and stood beside their machine. “Attention Children,” he said. “An act called the Factory act of 1847 was passed and it says that I can only work you all for 10 hours a da-”(“Working Conditions in the Industrial Revolution”). He was cut off from the cheering of the entire factory. “SILENTS!! This simply means that lunch will be shortened thank you and continue working.” And with that he vanished.
I looked over at Harrison and asked, “so who was that man?” He responded, “He is the owner of this factory he is a very mean man. He said “children can not whistle a toon nor can they do anything fun in this factory.” I thought to myself this factory was the complete opposite of what
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The vegetable lady understood why I could not make it in the mornings and still supplied my family with food. My little sister began to walk and would soon be imbedded into the harsh working system. Years have past and the guard kept giving me the same old wink of the eye as if it was a signal for something. Harrison and I continued work as usual.
Years have gone by and it is now the Second Industrial Revolution. In the Second Industrial Revolution the Factory transition and we were no longer a cotton mill and now a textile mill. We are considered the start of the Second Industrial Revolution (“Why Nottingham”).
I came in to work in the factory and Harrison was already there to work on his machine. He reached his small hand inside the steel machine and when he pulled his hand out the blade of the machine cut his hand completely off. I have always heard that kids lost their limbs in the factory but I did not think it was true. After Harrison’s incident, some children lost their limbs while working with or on machines
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