Attention Deficit Dichotomy

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When we look at the science of human development, the main consideration is how people change over time. In the age old question of nature versus nurture, there are some that believe the characteristics and traits within us are innate, meaning we are born with them. Still others feel that nurturing, our environmental influences like friends, community, schools, media and even parents affect who we are. This is a false dichotomy, it is not which-but how much of each because both play crucial roles in our development (Berger 2015). So then where does “Nature Deficit Disorder” fit in? To begin with, it is not a medical or clinical diagnosis, instead, it is a label used to address the increasing cost to children as they are more and more deprived…show more content…
All children have moments of deficient attention and impulse control, but in roughly 8 per cent of US children, these deficits are severe and chronic, and substantially disrupt functioning in multiple domains of life. Looking past the traditional methods of treatments like pharmacology and behavioral therapy, Taylor and Kuo study how the effect of green space/nature, may assist with symptoms of ADHD holistically. The primary medical treatment for pharmacology is the use of stimulant medication to help with attention and hyperactivity. Behavioral interventions such as positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors have been shown to have some, though limited, effectiveness in helping children improve social skills and to reduce problem behavior when consistently applied (Taylor & Kuo,…show more content…
Parental lore already includes the notion that “fresh air” and time outside is good for children, and there is evidence that children are drawn to natural settings further, forms of greenspace ranging from neighborhood parks to shady back yards are often widely available at no cost (Taylor & Kuo, 2011). Some other positive outcomes include on side effects (unlike medications), better sleep patterns due to increase physical activity from being outdoors, which in turn can also benefit overall health issues like diabetes and
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