Attention Deficit Disorder is Overdiagnosed Essay

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Attention Deficit Disorder is Overdiagnosed

If a child has attention deficit disorder then the child has attention deficit disorder,

but if the child does not have attention deficit disorder, and a person goes down a yellow

brick road to correct the malady under the pretense that attention deficit disorder is the

focus, and the attention deficit disorder medications and therapy are the cure, then do not

be disappointed with the results. Attention deficit disorder is a syndrome of disordered

learning and disruptive behavior that is not caused by any serious underlying physical or

mental disorder and that has several subtypes characterized primarily by inattentiveness,

primarily by hyperactivity and
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This speculation is proven true especially for very active little boys.

Over the past few years, the number of children and adolescents referred to

professionals for attention deficit disorder has dramatically increased. Three to six

percent of school aged children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (Silver

107-108). One to two percent of adult men and women in the United States have been

said to have attention deficit disorder and three to ten percent of children are diagnosed

with attention deficit disorder in the Untied States, with three quarters of them boys

(Hales 338). Not a single one of the five to six million children in the United Sates who

have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder bears unbiased evidence of a physical

or chemical abnormality establishing proof that they are diseased, other than the fact that

the children are normal (Baughman 11-12-00). All children commonly lack persistence,

lack attentiveness, are impulsive, and are constantly restless (Parker 209).

Physicians in the United States misdiagnose attention deficit disorder more

readily than doctors elsewhere in the world (Encarta 11-12-00). Many problems a person

may face mirror the behaviors and diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and it is, many

times, easier just to say a person has attention deficit disorder than look for the real cause.
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