Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

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II. SYMPTOMS According to the case report, Jason displayed hyperactive and impulsive behavior. In many social circumstances he was restless, easily agitated and very fidgety. Jason could not pay attention in the classroom. He was unable to focus properly and it affected his academic work at school. Jason is diagnosed with Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder or known as ADHD. It’s relevant to explore symptoms because it’s important to evaluate the patient and determine their proper diagnosis. Every patient deserves a right evaluation to find out their illness. When a complete evaluation is done, it will determine the illness and the right treatment will be used. III. CASE FORMULATION Jason previous and current teachers’ were always concerned about his behavior and disturbance in school. His current teacher Mrs. Brownstein notified his parents about his hyperactive and inattentive behaviors. As weeks went by his behavior got worse and he needed psychological assistance. Because Jason parents could not afford health insurance, Mrs. Brownstein recommends them to her husband. He’s a child psychologist and decided to help them for free. His disorder caused a major disturbance at home and school. He seems unable to focus well with people and his academic skills declines each year. Jason also struggle with a simple task from the psychologist, so he needs help. ADHD does show similar symptoms to many different disorders. For example bipolar disorder and ADHD have

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