Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Video Games

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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and Video games (Final review)

This evaluation review is to determine the focus on what qualifies all referenced website or group of authors to write about ADHD. Studies provide validity to the data identifies as a reoccurrence when using devices. It sustains and controls the focus of a child with ADHD attention to be known as an addition. Studies express that video games and other devices such as TV can cause children with ADHD to have an addition. Oppose to being over medicated, drugs, or alcohol addiction that can cause the same unwanted behaviors and or issues. Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, otherwise known as ADHD, are more challenging to parent than the average child. An ADHD child may act without thinking as if they have no filter or fidget constantly with an endless fuel supply. At first, these behaviors may be minor annoyances, but now the caretaker’s patience is running out. Furthermore, the child suffers from a short attention span that makes even the most ordinary of tasks hard to accomplish. All parents love their children and want them to succeed. They may think: There must be something other than pills that can help my child with ADHD.

In reviewing the website, “ADDitude, Living Well With Attention Deficit” (Larry, 2013) allows the reader to assess and understand ADHD symptoms, treatment resources and improving parenting skills needed for living with ADHD children. It attempts to reach
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