Attention Deficit : The Brain Syndrome Of Our Era Essay

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When we walked into the 21century, technology has not only become an important part of our daily life, it has been advanced at a rate we could never imagined. Technology broadens our horizon and shows us so many aspects of the world. However, the more advanced technology becomes, the more we lose our ability to care for others, which is a significant part of our humanity. We use machines a lot more in our daily life instead of ourselves. Due to this, the open world makes it more difficult to concentrate and focus on ourselves , others and our environment. In “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era”, Richard believes that modern technology makes us less attentive and hard to concentrate on one thing. The development of technology does bring us convenience and let communication become easier and faster, while we become too rely on our technology and use them to store our memories, communicating and so on. In “We Are a Camera”, Nick claims that we are more likely to use electronic products to record our memories instead of our own brain.Technology could make people become too lazy to memorize or talk to each other face to face. The development of technology lets us become more connected to the whole world, however, we also spend less time with our close friends and family. We are losing our humanity because we rely on technology more than ourselves, this is shown evident through cognitive attempts at multi-tasking which is to follow society’s fast speed and focus

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