Attica Prison Riot Research Paper

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By what i researched and what i saw on the internet i understood that the attica prison was a big riot that was
Held by prisoners because of the unfairness that was happening with them at that period of time, it cause a lot of problems such as a lot of people being injured, including guards. I personally believe that the riot was wrong and right. I believe that the riot was wrong because it caused a lot of problems, like so many people got injured and most importantly over 40 got killed, and that is a big problem because now the guards and the government have a reason on why they treated people so harshly they can say that the inmates are very violent and that's why we have to be harsh , which would only make things worse. What the inmates
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Americans were therefore concerned about the number of people in prison and the seemingly exponential growth of crime during this decade. This number has increased over the last 60 years; as of 2015, there are 208,118 people in federal prison and approximately 1.4 million people in state prison. I feel like in some parts of the prison system has changed but at the same time i believe that things are still the case. Now the prisons are a bit more free as they inmates can do activities and have only one person to share the cell with rather than before when inmates had to live with 3 other people in the same sized cell.but at the same time there are some things that are yet to change is that the prison are overcrowded just like before and by that i can infer that more people are being sent to prison, people are still being trapped for small positions of crimes, it's like cops are just waiting to hunt someone and put them in for years and years. Which really concerns me because our fellow people are being sentenced for just self defense or trying to save someone's life, the conditions are still the same just like before. But most
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