Attica Prison Riot and Prison Reform

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We live in a society today filled with crime and fear. We are told not to go out after a certain hour, always move in groups, and even at times advised to carry a weapon on ourselves. There is only one thing that gives us piece of mind in this new and frightening world we live in: the American penal system. We are taught when growing up to believe that all of the bad people in the world are locked up, far out of sight and that we are out of reach of their dangerous grasp. Furthermore, the murderers and rapists we watch on television, we believe once are caught are to be forgotten and never worried about again. We wish on them the most horrible fates and to rot in the caged institution they are forced to call their new home. But, where do …show more content…
This led to “stagflation” and high unemployment.” This “stagflation” let to the discomfort and discontent in the prison system. Prisons felt the effects of this oil shortage as well and led to their want to further voice their opinions. But, as if theses conditions weren’t bad enough, we were also going through a political reform as well as dealing with the end of the “Great Society” era. Things were bad both inside and outside prison walls. Prisoners heard about the incredibly horrific conditions outside of their walls and believed that they should be allowed to do, or at least say something about it.
Conditions inside the prison were no better. For starters, many of the prisoners were those who had committed menial crimes. Worse so, many were war heroes, back from Vietnam who couldn’t find a job and thus had to go about other illegal means to stay alive, and thus were thrown in prison. Attica prison in particular was famous at the time among prisoners for having the most horrific treatment of their inmates. Guards did whatever they could both legally and illegally to keep their prisoners in perpetual fear and discomfort. The prisoners were not just treated like children, but as animals. The one thing prisoners treasure the most is their contact with the outside world. It keeps them sane and allows them to remain in some type of contact both with their families as well as with what is going on outside the prison walls. But, guards did whatever

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