Attica State Prison Uprising September 13, 1971 Essay

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Attica State Prison Uprising September 13, 1971

George Jackson the most famous political prisoner in the 70's and leader of the Black Panther Party was incarcerated at San Quentin Prison in California. He was killed by the State on August 21, 1971. Because of this Attica inmates organized a hunger strike and wore black arm bands.

George Jackson's revolutionary writings in his book he had written "Soledad Brother'; was passed from inmate to inmate inside Attica State Prison, which had an enormous impact on the prisoners awareness of their feelings. Mr. Jackson's death lead to the direct uprising of New York's Attica State Correctional facility which was approximately two weeks after George Jackson's death. The uprising of New
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September 9, 1971, 1,500 men in cell block D took over Attica Prison, taking prison guards as hostages. All Black, Latino and White prisoners had united. By the uprising they were trying to force the state to address to their demands. They had a list of 27 demands that covered legal rights, repression, work, food, hygiene and other critical issues in regards to prison conditions.

Four major demands, they wanted the Warden removed, participants of the uprising to receive full amnesty , demanded union recognition and demanded safe passage out of the United States to a non-imperialist country.

The prisoners were aware that authorities were infuriated with their demands and preparing to end this rebellion. Therefore the prisoners called for an observers' committee, which was made up of representatives of independent organizations. Representatives of these committees included a Prisoners Solidarity Committee representative, representatives of the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords Party, New York State Assembly member Arthur O. Eve, lawyer William Kunstler and others.

Pressures on the prisoners were high and they new their lives were at stake but they never gave up.

On September 12, 1971 the prisoners let it be known that there could be a peaceful resolution to this situation if Governor Rockefeller would open negotiations with them.

Instead on September 13, 1971 Governor Rockefeller ordered a

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