Atticus Can 't Do Anything, By Harper Lee

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Atticus can’t do anything, according to Jem Finch. In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus is feeble, nearly blind, and too old to play tackle football. Atticus differs from most fathers in Maycomb, he never plays poker or goes fishing, doesn’t drink or smoke, and likes to read alone. Although Atticus might seem quite boring compared to other fathers in Maycomb, he is considered one of the most extraordinary father and human being in modern day literature. In a time where racism and unjust biased plagued the United States and the minds of it’s citizens, Atticus sees through society 's opinions, and listens to his core values. It is this reason that Atticus is role model not only for society but his children as well. Atticus Finch 's wisdom and insightful mindset about empathy,courage and race has left a truly positive impact on Jem and Scout.
Atticus Finch’s wisdom and understanding of the human nature truly shows when he teaches us how to empathize. Atticus gives Scout and readers, a whole other way of seeing peoples perspective. Scout, who is upset that Miss Caroline put her “responsible” in explaining why Walter Cunningham cannot accept any money, complains to Atticus about that matter; saying she refuses to go to school. Atticus, who realizes that Scout is failing to understand things from Miss Caroline’s perspective says, “You never really understand someone....... until you crawl into his skin and walk around in it.”pg 33. Scout grapples with this idea of…
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