Atticus Finch As Hero And Father

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Jillian Bennett Ms. C. Giroux English 1H 9 February 2015 Atticus Finch as Hero and Father The way a character is perceived by the reader does not always depend on the author’s story. Often, a character needs to be looked into deeply to understand their role in a work of literature. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch plays the role of a lawyer and the main characters’ father. However, Harper Lee writes Atticus in a way that, although he is the father of Scout and Jem Finch, he is more of a mentor and a hero to his children. The role of guardian falls into other hands— Calpurnia and partially Aunt Alexandra. Still, Atticus playing his role of a hero for Jem and Scout was the best thing he could have done for them. His mentoring led Scout to be a mature, virtuous girl at a very young age, and Jem likewise to be a strong, compassionate young man. After being offered so much insight to Atticus’ opinions of Maycomb’s inhabitants and the world in general, Scout and Jem developed a unique perception of what the world should be like compared to that of their contemporaries. Although not biologically so, Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra were more mother figures than Atticus was a father. Calpurnia, especially, assisted greatly in Scout and Jem’s raising, seeing as Calpurnia was “these in the daytime and Atticus home at night” (Lee 64). Also, even when Atticus was home, Scout says, “Why, he’s so tired at night that he just sits in the livingroom and reads” (Lee 27). Calpurnia
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