Atticus Finch Is The Reason Why Many Students Attend Law School Essay

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Atticus Finch is the reason why many students attend law school. I remember sitting in small groups at Orientation and my faculty advisor asked why we came to law school. Three of new law students answered with a simple “to be like Atticus Finch.” Writing this paper really helps to understand what my fellow collegues meant in their response. Atticus is the epitome of what every law student strives to be when they are thrown into the real world of law practice. He is a man of loyalty, courage, and pride who practices law with the same conviction he lives his everyday life. Loyalty Atticus displays loyalty in his commitment to the community, his legal practice, and his children. Atticus was prominent community leader who attempted to help poor community members obtain legal services, without seeing the color of their skin. He wants to teach his community how to seek assistance through the law rather through violence. Atticus embodies loyalty to his legal practice and goes the extra mile to defend Tom Robinson in every way he can. He seeks out witnesses and talks to each person with passion for his client’s cause. He tells Scout—his daughter—that “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” In the diligence and passion he uses to defend Tom, Atticus lives what he preaches to his daughter. Throughout the book and movie, Atticus draws no distinction between his
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