Atticus Finch Prejudice

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The Character of Prejudice To Kill a Mockingbird teaches its readers many lifelong lessons about childhood, justice, law, and discrimination. As main character Scout grows older she learns more about these things, what is wrong and right, and how the world around her functions. One of the lessons Scout and Jem were taught by their father was to see people as who they are inside, and to never someone judge by what someone cannot control, such as their race, gender, or family. This was quite tricky in a world like the one that they grew up in, as the society of the 1930s deep south seemed to believe differently from their father. Scout and Jem’s father, Atticus Finch, is a lawyer who never put down the opportunity to help someone. This did not change when he was asked to stand up for Tom Robinson. This affected the finch family in many ways. In the time and place that this book is set in, black people were free, but still highly discriminated against. Atticus knew that there had never…show more content…
Scout and Jem’s cousin, Francis, confronted Scout calling her father a “Nigger-lover” and said that Atticus is a shame to the Finch family. Scout knew better but she was so angry that she jumped on Francis and beat him up for what he said about Atticus. This caused Scout to get in so much trouble even though Francis was being so discriminatory and rude.
In the end of the trial, Tom Robinson was proven innocent but found guilty in the court of law. He was found guilty because his jury was full of white men who already had a bias against him because of his race. Discrimination caused symbolic mockingbirds to be killed. Tom robinson hadn't done anything wrong, but he was killed because of his race. Discrimination is the main antagonist in this novel, and hopefully in the end, the audience learns to never judge others by what they can't
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