Atticus Finch 's Campaign Speech

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Atticus’s Campaign Speech Good Afternoon. I am Atticus Finch and I am running for mayor of Maycomb. As mayor I will make sure justice is found, make everyone equal, and help schooling for our children. I am a lawyer so I have a lot of political experience. There have been many trials and I always do what is best for them. I will be prepared and ready for work whenever you need me. One thing I realized living in Maycomb is justice is not always found. I would like to change that by allowing different races to be on the jury. This will help so it is not bias. If any of you end up in court and want to change. At least you have the choice to change. One example is the Tom Robison case. As you may of figured out during the Trial there was no way Tom could have done it but he was still found guilty because he was different. Let’s make a goal to always have justice in Maycomb. The next thing I would like to disuses is making everyone equally. I know this task will take a lot of time but I think it will help Maycomb in the long run. If we were all equal we could share our opinions and build new relations. If all the whites and blacks put their minds to it we could accomplish new things. What really makes people so different? The trial had equality it would have been a comer trial and now one would have been hurt or killed afterwards. If we had equally the trial might not even have occurred because people would care for everyone. The last thing I would change is the school

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