Atticus, Scout, And Jem Finch

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Almost every society, past or present, has at least some sort of institutionalized groups that can be defined as social classes, and Maycomb County is not any different. Within this county, there are many different social classes. These classes are often separated by race and occupation. A useful way to envision these divisions would be to picture a ladder or a pyramid. On the top wrung of the ladder, in most societies at the current place and time, are the wealthy, white people. Southern Alabama in the early 1930’s was and extremely prejudice time and place for anyone but white people, but especially African Americans. This being said, even though the black people of the county were much more kind and seemed to have more class than many white people, they were still beneath them simply because of the fact that they were black. Atticus, Scout, and Jem Finch are part of this first class, because Atticus is a lawyer, which makes him a highly respected man in the community. They are also white, which is an important factor on deciding who belonged to what social class. Miss Atkinson and Aunt Alexandra are also part of this class because they are know as the perfect examples of what a southern lady should be. Under the Finches would be the Cunninghams (Lee 258). These are the poor, yet respectable white people. Even though the Cunninghams are poor because of the Great Depression, they always manage to pay back the money they borrow in the crops and items from their farm. Under
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