Attirity In Sports : The Use Of The Uncurity Of Sports

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Whether it be in professional, college, or even high school sports, the integrity of sports has never been more in question. Scandals about the use of performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDS, or the shuffling of illegal funds seem to come up in the news almost every other week. In the essay, “Will Genetics Destroy Sports” by Michael Behar and Amy Guip, the authors explain how athletes e-mail doctor H. Lee Sweeney asking for anything to come back from an injury faster or shave a second off their time. In Taylor Branch’s article, “The Shame of College Sports,” Branch discusses the several high-profile money shuffling scandals, including Reggie Bush, Cam Newton, Jim Tressel at Ohio State, and the University of Miami. David Epstein explains why and how athletes look bigger, faster, and stronger by not only doping, but the advances in the technology of playing fields in his TED talk video, “Are athletes getting better, faster, stronger?” Behar, Guip, Branch, and Epstein all question whether the integrity of sports is being kept. Athletes, coaches, and management have failed to maintain the integrity of sports and will continue to do so until stricter rules are enforced. While many sports fans, and some non-sports fans, already know there is a problem with integrity, the key is pinpointing that problem to fix it. The careless act of using PEDs not only ruins the fair play but puts the athlete’s bodies at risk. Many single-minded coaches and school boosters have been caught

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