Attitude, Personality, Perception

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An outstanding organization always tends to accomplish objectives with excellent coordination and cooperation of individuals and groups. Individuals’ influences can lead to a great performance or poor performance. Therefore, a successful manger should recognize people’s characteristics so as to assign jobs to the right people, adjust people to the suitable environment, and appoint people to the positions which can stretch people’s capability. As such, it must take studies of people’s behavior and characteristics as reference to develop organizational activities. Personality, attitude, and perception of people, there is no doubt, can be principally viewed as the determinants of which understand people’s behavior and create effective and…show more content…
Individual perception is primarily reflected in the following three aspects, Selectivity of perception. Information conveyed to senses of people, at the same time, is very abundant, but people are unable to process all information simultaneously, it is just allowed to choose part of them to process but neglect other information. Integrality of perception. It is reflecting integrality and relation of matters rather than only reflecting a few characteristics and attributes of stimuli. People often compound uncompleted stimuli directly functioning on senses into complete and unified integrality in terms of their knowledge and experience. Understanding of perception. People are not passive to receive information, in the course of perception, but to strive for explanation over the perceptual object whereby forming meanings. Due to influences of factors like experience, knowledge, and hobby, in the face of the same object, different explanations can be given and different judgments can be made. Generally speaking, people are an organization’s most valuable and expensive resource, but they are the most difficult element of an organization to manage as a result of some determinants of behavior such as personality, attitude, perception. Because individuals have different
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