Attitude Toward Elderly

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Old Age
Attitudes towards Older People

Attitudes and treatment towards elderly people can be said to vary drastically across cultures. From Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the America's, Africa and Australia, the attitudes expressed by the community towards older people are very different when compared to one another. 1. In the 1960s, Robert Butler coined the phrase ageism, which he defined as: “A process of systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old, just as racism and sexism accomplish this with skin color and gender. Old people are categorized as senile, rigid in thought and manner, old-fashioned in morality and skills . . . . Ageism allows the younger generations to see older people as
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Stories making headlines such as 4.“To Be Elderly And Unwanted In Mohegan Lake” show the shameful act of some communities to rid of their elderly. “shameful story of how a respected local nonprofit group has tried to winterize four summer cottages to house eight elderly poor people - and how neighbors and town officials have fought them so that the case has dragged on three years.” These kinds of stories are too often seen and there is a heightening need for young people to come down a few levels and see their elders and respect who they are. The scarce respect that is left for elders is rapidly being taken over by dehumanizing and demoralizing traits. Instead of just sitting and talking or going to play games with all of the people of old age in society, the new age people of society decide to take the elders to “homes” that will do it for them. However society is not looking long term, they are only looking at instant gratification moves. In twenty to thirty years when this society becomes the elders karma is going to come back and have some harsh payback to hand them. The only thing to be done to stop this awful cycle would be to start respecting, admiring and helping out the old age of today because nobody stays young forever.

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