Attitude of Students Towards Physics: It’s Influence to Their Academic Performance

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Background of the Study Physics is considered as the most problematic area within the realm of science, and it traditionally attracts fewer pupils than chemistry and biology. Physics is perceived as a difficult course for students from secondary school to university and also for adult in graduate education. In developed countries, it has been determined that goals of science are never fully realized, that student success in physics is lower than chemistry and biology, that student doesn’t like science lecture and that most have no preference in science, particularly physics( Boylon,1996). It is well known that both and high school and college students find physics difficult, and as a scientific discipline
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These were designated to look into the different attitudes and action of studies of students toward physics which causes their poor performance. This chapter presents the RRL and S which the researchers believes relevant to their subjects. Attitude of Student Attitude is an opinion or general feeling about something. It is also a judgment about something based on understanding of the situation. The attitudes of people fall within range with something common, some unusual, some acceptable, and some outside acceptable limit. (Microsoft Encarta Library 2004) Sometimes people change their attitudes not in response to a persuasive communication but by conversing themselves, a process of self-persuasion. In 1957 American psychologist Leon Festinger proposed cognitive dissonance theory, which says that people often change their attitudes to justify their own actions. According to this theory, people who believe in ways that contradict their own attitudes experience an unpleasant state of internal tension known as cognitive dissonance. To reduce that tension, they adjust their attitudes to be consistent with their behavior. (1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation). Attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways. It is also a point of view about a situation. It has three
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