Attitudes Towards Disabled People Are Not Exactly Ideal.

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Attitudes towards Disabled people are not exactly ideal. Personally, I am disabled and I have firsthand knowledge of how many disabled people are treated in society. Disabled people have feelings just like people that aren’t disabled. Rude stares and hateful comments shouldn’t be something disabled people have to deal with. That is why I think the way society treats disabled people needs to change. As a disabled person I feel that, I have to deal with rude comments and actions from society all the time when I shouldn’t have to and it makes me feel like I’m not important like I am dirt. Some people might argue that society has changed so much that disability awareness is no longer a big issue. I understand that society has become more…show more content…
The stigma around certain things can have a big role in the way people are stereotyped.
Which leads me to the topic of stigmas. According to Peter Byrne in the article “Stigma’s in Mental Health and Ways of Diminishing it” it says stigma is defined as “a sign of dishonor or blemish, which sets someone apart from others.”
Many people have a negative stigma towards disabled people. This stigma affects the way of life for many disabled people. Disabled people often use devices like wheelchairs and walkers to get around. In many of my previous experiences I have learned that this causes many people to have a negative stigma towards disabled people. To me this doesn 't make sense because people use cars to get around and people don 't have a negative stigma towards them for using that. Having a negative stigma makes it hard for disabled people to function in society without dealing with things such as discrimination.
Which leads me to the next topic I would like to discuss discrimination. Discrimination is sadly a very common thing for disabled people to experience. In the view of Chris Barber in the article “Disability Discrimination in The 21St Century: A Short Introduction” it defines discrimination as
“The act of opposing human rights, benefits, justice.”. In my opinion, discrimination is something that nobody should have to deal with. Discrimination is extremely common in society. Overtime
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