Attitudes Towards Police: What are Young Adults' Perception of Police?

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Gwendolyn Smith Research Proposal Methods and Techniques of Social Research November 28, 2014 Attitudes towards Police: What Are Young Adults Perception of Police? Introduction Young adults pass perception on everyone they encounter. Law enforcement organizations are prime subjects to their perceptions. During my twenty years of service as a New York City Police Officer, I have encountered daily hassles, uncooperative behavior and hostile behavior. In essence, a general lack of no respect for police authority. I interacted with young adults in various capacities from minor to felonious crimes, domestic disputes, rowdiness and other calls for service that may alter their opinion of police. The purpose of this study…show more content…
Moreover, minorities were detained for longer periods of time per stop than whites, and were 80 percent of those whose cars were searched after being stopped. The discriminatory treatment of minority drivers was duly noted by Volusia County Sergeant Dale Anderson, who asked a white motorist he had stopped how he was doing; the motorist responded “Not very good,” to which Anderson responded, “Could be worse – could be black” (, 2011). “In Newark, New Jersey, on the night of June 14, 2008, two youths aged 15 and 13 were riding in a car driven by their football coach, Kelvin Lamar James. All were African American. Newark police officers stopped their car in the rain, pulled the three out, and held them at gunpoint while the car was searched. James stated that the search violated his rights. One officer replied in abusive language that the three African Americans didn’t have rights and that the police "had no rules." The search of the car found no contraband, only football equipment” (, 2011). “Hispanics were also just as likely as blacks to believe that the treatment they receive from police is definitely prejudiced and unfriendly. In October 1994, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Francisco Renteria was escorting his mother home from a Laundromat when he was accosted by University of Nebraska police dispatched to investigate a crime. Mistaking Renteria for the suspect, they fatally beat him

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