Attitudes toward Roman State Religion

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These two ideologies contrast in their ideas, structure and the time period in which they reached their height in popularity and persecution. The polytheistic and ritualistic Roman state religion was widely in practice within the Roman Empire until its major decline in 4th century AD, during which it was supplanted by Christianity, a monotheistic ideology with more emphasis on individual faith and morality, as Rome’s official religion, the formal declaration of this being the Edict of Thessalonica issued on 27 February 380AD. The general attentive desire to upkeep the traditions of the state religion declined with increasing dominance of Christianity which during the first four centuries Anno Domini was in turn tolerated, persecuted, accepted and revered. The attitudes toward both of these ideologies (in Rome before 392 AD) can be better understood with the exploration of the reasons behind them and the changes that they undergo.
The fundamental beliefs and principles of Roman state religion
The Roman society was non secular society in which religion was…
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