Attorney Revocation

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Revocation of Florida Power of Attorney Form Title XL, Chapter 709, PART II, Section 709.2110 of 2012 Florida Statutes has directives to issue a Revocation of Florida Power of Attorney Form for canceling the powers granted to the attorney in fact/agent to transact in personal and real property affairs on your behalf. You may issue such revocation instrument when your agent is not acting in your favor, the purpose of issuing a power of attorney is fulfilled, your attorney in fact resigns and is unwilling to act on your behalf, or you have come across a better candidate to act as your attorney in fact. This instrument of revocation in issued in writing and signed before a notary public is a legal document intended to terminate all powers or part of it if specified in the revocation instrument immediately. However, you must file a copy of the…show more content…
Please enclose a copy of revoked power of attorney along with this instrument of revocation. You must record this revocation instrument in the office where the power of attorney is recorded previously like Deed Registry, County Clerk's Office, or Land Titles Office. You must notarize the instrument of revocation before competent notary public of Florida State to its legal standing and execution. Please produce a Federal ID before the notary public for acknowledging your identity in case the notary public personally does not know you. Two witnesses must acknowledge your signature before them on this Revocation of Florida Power of Attorney Form in addition to notarization. Directions Step 1: Please begin by entering the name of the county on the foremost line of the Revocation of Florida Power of Attorney Form. Then enter your legal name as reflects in the power of attorney under the cancellation and your address on the subsequent
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