Attracting the Right Candidates

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ATTRACTING THE RIGHT CANDIDATES There are a lot of methods, how to attract the good/right candidates, for example, develop a proper job description, select the interweaving team properly, prepare fully for the interview, searching in the internet, enhance your brand etc. Unfortunately, as many hiring managers have realized, there simply is not enough time to adequately sort through the plethora of candidates who are available. Let me go deeper in job descriptions. Job description is not just a piece of paper that sits in an employee’s file. It is living document that will help you hire, manage, encourage, review, and, if necessary, discipline or terminate employees. In some companies, job descriptions are dry, outdated documents…show more content…
Unfortunately, there fears are not entirely unreasonable. Writing the wrong things in a job description could create major legal problems for your company. What a Job Description Should Contain. Some basic components should exist in every job description. Ronald F. Smedley advice - these are: * Job Title. Job titles should describe both the nature and level of the work performed by the incumbents. Titles such as "Clerk," "Instructor," "Analyst" and "Mechanic" indicate the general nature of the work, that is, the principal duties and responsibilities of the incumbents. Other components of a job title, such as "Senior," "Specialist" and "Lead," indicate the level of work. It often helps to include the department name in the job title for purposes of clarity ("Dental Clinic Aide" or "Quality Control Technician"). Care should be taken to avoid titles which are demeaning and/or patronizing ("Helper"), or which overstate the importance of the work performed ("Sanitary Engineer," instead of "Janitor").
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