Attraction And Physical Attraction

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The term attraction will refer to a quality or feature in which it summons interest, liking or desire (Webster 2017). However, this essay will challenge why numerous people are more attractive than others. A new study claims that men who are long distance runners are more attractive in light of the fact that they have greater levels of testosterone which makes them all the more masculine and prolific. Firstly, this essay will investigate physical attractions. Secondly, it will discuss the non-physical attractions and Finally, Biological and Social variables. This essay will then be followed by a discussion about the significance in relation to these three points.

Though there are many theories behind why some individuals are more attractive than others, the idea of physical attraction is open for interpretation as it is expected to assist in answering the question of why most people are attracted to the stereotypical concept of blue eyes and blonde hair. Knapton (2015) states that the blonde hair and blue eye mixture originated in Caucasians are thought to have developed among northern European tribes around approximately 11,000 years prior. However, a recent report which undertook a survey to decide the most beautiful women in the world and Brunettes were chosen. Physical attractiveness is an unpleasant variable. Cunningham (1986) states that the investigation of 2 quasi-experiments demonstrates the relation between specific adult female facial features and the attraction,
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