Attraction: Love and Physical Attractiveness Essay

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Attraction J A S PSY301: Social Psychology Robin Friedman 10/21/13 When it comes to attraction, a variety of simple factors play a significant role in whom we as people come to like. Things as basic as proximity, looks, similarity, and even the difficulty of the pursuit all affect a person’s overall attractiveness. This paper will discuss how these factors are attributed to attraction and why human nature demands bonding and relationships. People are drawn to those who are near and seen on a regular basis. This finds its explanation in that people become accustomed to the presence of a person or object (or being themselves present in a place). This results in the sensation of “liking” said things.…show more content…
Due to these factors, people are less inclined to engage with people from other cultures. People also value equity in relationships; receiving benefits equal to those one provides (Hatfield, 1983). This does not necessitate that one stays in a relationship due to a perceived equity, merely that such initially perceived equity helped to define an attraction resulting in the relationship. Lastly, many of these factors may lose out to the thrill of the chase. A potential partner who is near, charming, and attractive but easily captivated may lose to another who is near, charming, attractive and plays hard to get. More accurately, we are more inclined to pursue a relationship with someone who while attractive to others is only interested in us (Matthews, Rosenfield, & Stephan, 1979). The need to belong encompasses a desire for enduring connections and positive contact as well as a mutual concern for the other’s welfare. The average person forms bonds very easily and while those bonds may persist, they may not necessarily show. For example, you may continually think of someone you befriended during a vacation, but this does not translate to maintaining a relationship. We generally form these relationships because these acquaintances make us feel happy in the moment and these relationships are maintained so long as
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