Attractive People Deserves to Be More Successful Than Ugly People

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Attractive people deserve to be more successful than ugly people

In an ideal world, good looks appeal to job interviewers, potential mating partners and other situations where good looks can be added as an extra leverage in daily situations. Moreover, successful job interviews mean good jobs, good money, and good life; whereas relationship wise, attractive people attract fellow attractive partners typically with good genes and not to mention good jobs. Being beautiful seems to be rewarding therefore it can be said that good looking people simply have it good as these factors are points of success. But what is success? The question is a subjective one thus each individual have different definitions of success. For instance, those who
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(, 2011). As well as their physical traits, attractive individuals also do not lack inner or mental attributes such as confidence, intelligence that assisted in higher job positions and self-assured personality that can make them as a good asset and profitable to the company.

According to Rhodes et al. (2005), males with attractive faces and bodies had more short-term partners than their peers, and males with attractive bodies became sexually active earlier than their peers. Females with more attractive faces had more long-term relationships and became sexually active earlier than their peers. In terms of finding a long term and ideal mate for emotional, sexual and reproductive purposes, this statement does not suggest the success of mating in men but only in women thus the claim for attractive people of both gender’s success in mating is refuted. In addition, there are insufficient data to date to determine whether masculinity is attractive to both males and females (Rhodes, 2005). Furthermore, people searching for a partner to have children with may not be interested in extremely attractive partners, because such partners may be more likely to leave them for another partner to have extra-pair relationships (Boothroyd et al, 2008). In particular attractiveness is related to higher
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