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Attributes That Have Influenced Western Civilization There have been major influences from ancient civilizations that have helped the development of our Western Civilization today. Two major civilizations that have maybe contributed the most to our civilization are ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Some of their contributions to our world today include farming, sailing and navigation, and the use of their calendar. First, and possibly the most important attribute that have come from the ancient civilizations is the art of farming. The ancient Mesopotamians are credited with inventing farming. Farming is in our civilization today is crucial for the survival of all mankind. (Roberts, p.48-50) Due to overpopulation, and the increase of…show more content…
Without navigation and map making, even if the Americas were found than how would they have ever been able to get back there time and again. Also the techniques that the Egyptians used are not that different from the techniques that we use today. Another style that is still pretty much used today is that of navigation. Although we may not base our navigation on the stars, but all sailors sail to the brightest star in the sky, the North Star. (Roberts, p.71) The last contribution of the ancient people that has influenced the development of western civilization is there invention of the calendar. The Egyptians devised a calendar that had 365 ¼ days for their calendar year. (Roberts, p.72) They were ingenious enough to realize that that is how long that it takes for the earth to make it’s orbit around the sun. Even though the Egyptians lived almost ten thousand years ago, their calendar system is still used by the people of western civilization today, only with a few changes. The only thing that really has changed was that instead of having 365 ¼ days we have changed it to 365 days and every four years we add an extra day. The rest is still the same, the Egyptians even had their year divided up into what we now call months, and the based their schedule upon the seasons. (Roberts, p.72) The world has changed a lot since ancient times, but some things that came out during
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