Attributes of Effective Leaders

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Working in the field of law enforcement is difficult and can present many challenges. Police officers handle a variety of different calls and activities from conducting active patrols to help reduce crime, and arresting criminal violators, to making split-second decisions that can have lasting effects on the lives of many. Successful law enforcement agencies utilize a core group of people within the organization to help guide and lead officers in the course of their duties. These people are often referred to as supervisors, but they take on various roles as well to ensure the agency meets its goals. Supervisors can be leaders. They can be managers. But, being one does not mean they are necessarily the other. It takes a special person to balance the two roles into one position (Whisenand, 2011). Leaders are said to be able to influence their subordinates in working toward accomplishing a common goal. Leaders possess vision, embody the values of the organization and make sure difficult choices are made for the betterment of the agency. Managers, on the other hand, usually are more concerned with getting results, the administration of tasks, and overseeing the work unit (Ricketts, 2009; Hellriegel, Slocum, & Woodman, 2000). Today’s law enforcement agencies require a diverse group of employees to handle the myriad of situations that come up and to deal with members of the community respectfully and professionally. Leaders of those agencies must have the ability to get
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