Attribution Theory On The Decision Making Process Of Tom And Amy

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Explain attribution theory. Draw on the mini-case to identify and explain three biases or errors that may affect the decision-making process of Tom and Amy. Discuss why attribution theory is important in relation to organisational behaviour and decision-makers in organisations.

Attribution theory, as a powerful model for explaining and exploring decision making in the job selection, which helps us to determine whether an individual’s behaviour is internally or externally caused. The attribution to which behaviour is related to three factors - distinctiveness, consistency and consensus. (Robbins, Judge, Millet & Boyle 2011) If behavior displays low distinctiveness (same behaviour exhibits in different situations), high consistency (behaviour does not vary), low consensus (same situations displays different behaviours), which can be regarded as external attributions and vice versa.

Attribution theory assists us to explain the behavior of interviewers and interviewees in job selection. In the case of interviewers, for example, Silvester (1997) showed that the attribution theory could be used to help explain the ratings given by interviewers. Interviewers tended to give higher scores when candidates made internal, stable and controllable attributions about their performance. On the other hand, several studies have shown that nonverbal interviewee communication (eye contact, smiling, posture, interpersonal distance and gesture) significantly influences interviewers rating
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