Atwood Learning Center Narrative

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Atwood Learning Center in Rockford is 334 acres long. Most of their land is filled with habitats for wild animals. The other part of their land is filled with trails. When I went to Atwood, we went on a night hike. I was with Deer Group because, well, I was a deer. I wasn’t paying attention too well to what we were going to do because I was tired and didn’t know we were just hiking and weren’t going to a destination. Although, we sort of did. We stopped somewhere and our group leader grabbed an object out of his backpack and went behind everyone saying “What does the object feel like?” Or, “What does it smell like?” Of course since it was a night hike, it was dark and I couldn’t quite see well. The trails weren’t designed to be wide so the…show more content…
So, since we walked for a while my feet... well, were aching. If you are thinking that I didn’t wear gym shoes, I did. In fact, they were my shoes for P.E last year. It’s never the whole bottom of my foot that throbs. It’s only the arch. That night was hot. I had my hat on and when we got back to the building, I took a look at my cap and the bill of it was halfway more gray than the other half. Meaning, it was covered in sweat. I also had a long sleeve and jacket on which didn’t help but I just carried my jacket. When I took my jacket off, my arms felt free, but were damp with sweat. I know, it sounds like I’m complaining, I am, but it’s true. Although, everything else at Atwood was pretty dazzling. So, to sum it up, I was on a night hike, my eyes were playing tricks on me, my feet did ache, and I sweated for about three quarters of the hike. I thanked everything later, though because the night before I rested for about one hour, but that night I awakened once because it was quite close to morning.. The quote, “3 months from now, you’ll thank yourself.” has many things to do with my experience since I thanked myself later and slept well. This was said mainly for bodybuilders, but it works for many different things like intelligence, hobbies, and more. So, if you are in an exhausting situation, you most likely be glad you did it
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