Au Revoir Mrs.Williamson

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Au Revoir Mrs.Williamson Case Questions 1) What are the key problems you have identified in this case (List and briefly explain). a) The characteristics and skills of the two managers * Mrs. Williamson is more likely to be an X Generation while Georges is a kind of Y Generation. * Mrs. Williamson is not a univercity graduted person while Georges has graduated from a high prestigious univercity. * Mrs. Williamson seems to be more analytical and detailed oritented while Georges wants to be * Mrs. Williamson seems to be the wrong ExPat for a position that has to work in a joint ventured company in Paris. b) Cross Cultural Problems. * Although Mrs. Williamson was doing a perfect job in…show more content…
* On the Job Training * Since this is an important position being the liason for a joint venture in a different country, maybe after the cross cultural training, she could go and start to work there for a temporary period of time to see how the life, work, environment is there * Assessment * After these two steps,there could be an assesment of IDF HR to see if she is the right person to be the liason. * Clear job definitions * Mrs.Williamson seems to be working as a project manager (controlling the resources) while Georges seems to be working as a functional manager(having the resources). I see some gray areas (unclear borders,authority) between the two of them in that joint venture project. If the authority was defined between the two,there would be less conflicts between them. 4) What could have been done by the various participants to avoid what you have determined to be the most important problem? * Mrs Williamson should; * ask for a cross cultural and on job training before she starts work * try to speak French with the people instead of forcing them to speak English with her. This will help her while creating a warm bridge between her and French

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