Audette's Concern: A Short Story

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Audette awoke on the slab in a sweat. She felt different. A draft provided by the open doors of the Temple gave her the motivation to climb down from the altar, as her eyes adjusted to the dimness within the chapel's main chamber she glanced again towards the stone square set into the blackened walls. However in doing so, to her amazement the barbaric styled glyphs had begun to rearrange themselves under her very gaze. After a puzzled moment Audette closed her mouth and could clearly read the inscription; ''WELCOME YE OUR BLESSED DAUGHTER, RETURNED; AWAIT YE COMMUNION, BIRTHRIGHT EARNED; INITIATE IN OUR PATH, YE WILL LEARN, TREAT THE PASSIONS OF MEN WITH SPELLBOUND SPURN.” Stepping out of the Temple and into the light, her pupils painfully…show more content…
"Come on Audette, drink more,” one jeered, “You’re such a girl." Standing quickly with her arms folded as if to say 'I'll show you’, Audette grabbed the bucket and began to pour it skilfully into her mouth, the boys began to laugh and cheered her on. Ale trickled through her lips as the boys counted, she had been gulping for about half a minute when suddenly the middle-one sneaked behind her and tipped the bucket. The last half of the ale buckets contents drenched the front of her dress. Audette span round and staggered to strike him but he grabbed her hands and laughed. "Here let me help... we can’t have you wearing that now, its soaked," he reach down and quickly lifted her dress above her waist. The other two boys cheered and the flashes they were getting of Audette’s posterior cheeks as she struggled to pull it back down against their efforts to remove it completely. "Happy Birthday Audette. Now we’re going to get our pound of fleshy vengeance,” the more studious of them…show more content…
Finally, everything went black. Waking back up; she found herself still in the marshes, still intact. Hearing groans coming from the overgrowth; she went to investigate. The eldest of the boys laid on the floor, his body contorted in agony, staring into her eyes with great remorse. She witnessed his final moments. Expiring too, directly after their synchronised injuries, the other two boys became free of their brief agonies. It was all over in a matter of seconds, every bone broken. The last thing they heard before the breaking started was just a string of strange syllables that didn’t even sound like words, they came from Audette’s passed out body moments before one set of hands was about to reach his hands down to her undercarriage. Something unnatural happened to her. Throwing the bodies into the marshes, sneaked back into the orphanage and pretended everything was fine from then on. The bodies were never found, and it was just assumed that the three boys had finally run away - as was a popular option - from the
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