Audi A6 2012 Marketing Plan

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Audi is launching the new A6 in the United States in late 2012. This marketing plan is designed to create awareness and impact around the A6 launch also to increase the market share by selling new cars. With this campaign, Audi will focus on affecting the target audience, driving quality user generated content, leveraging social media platforms and having a high impact launch that will generate buzz around “Audi Envy” The creative and media strategy is designed to position A6 as the most modern, innovative and luxury product in the marketplace. Media budget part will provide A6 dominance especially in Q3 around product launch.


Audi is a manufacturer of exquisite cars: attractive,
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Weaknesses & Strengths:

Strength: Although Audi does have strong competitors in the luxury auto space, they have high brand recognition in the U.S. People perceive Audi as an innovative and high-tech company which is a very strong strength against competition.

Strength: Audi automobiles are extremely strong from a design and technology standpoint. The cars are tested in various conditions and environments, and provide luxury and a great driving fun to users.

Audi A6 has still big dimensions for midsize.194 inches long auto is an inch longer than 5 series and 2 inch longer than Mercedes E-Class which is a strong advantage. The extensive use of aluminum has helped to reduce the weight of the car. Now A6 is lighter than 5 series (3,836 pounds, versus 3,880 pounds) and only small difference left with

Strength: One of Audi’s strengths is the top quality. Quality as has been documented time and time again by surveys, competitions and analyses. Quality starts with the selection of materials, surfaces and continues with the technology that Audi brings to the table.

Strength: Pricing is one of the biggest strengths for Audi. Even though there is a small

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