Audi Ag : A Famous And Reputed Largest Company

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1. Birth of Company
Audi AG is very famous and reputed largest company which design, engineers, produce, markets and distributes the automobiles. German is the places where it is manufactured. Audi-marked vehicles are created in nine generation offices around the world. The company name comes from the Latin word listen which was the meaning of “Horch”. Its is the surname of the author, August Horch so in German it turns to “Audi”. Audi is the combination of four car companies.
Audi has been a dominant part claimed (99.55%) backup of Volkswagen Group since 1966, after a staged buy of Audi AG 's forerunner, Auto Union, from Daimler-Benz. Volkswagen relaunched the Audi brand with the 1965 presentation of the Audi F103series.
2. Logo
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Fogh Joergen August 1928, that the master Dampf- krapht Wagener (DKW), and are in the aisles Audi werke to own. In the same year, Rasmussen is also the court of the machine for eight cylinder Rickenbacker, treatment, and the rest of the auto industry. Thus, in the letters, needs, and other machines Hear Dresden, to the four-cylinder and six-cylinder model (Peugeot engine, "four"), which was launched at the same time, in 1929 with the Audi models is ready for using. Hear that luxury car for a long time separated from his body.
Before World War 2, Auto Union and what they are used for each of the four rings of the Audi badge today, representing these four brands. Auto Union racing cars at the time of this badge is only for member

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