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The AUDI emblem of the four rings denotes one of the Germany’s oldest automobiles manufactures. It symbolizes the merger in 1932 of four previously independent motor vehicles manufactures i.e AUDI DKN HORCH and WANDERER. These companies are the foundation stones of AUDI AG.
This company is established by AUGUST HORCH in ZWICKOU on july16, 1909. He couldn’t take again its founder’s name for reason of fair trade. Horch found a new name by translating his name, which means “hark”. “Listen”, into Latin. So it was that the second company to have been set up by August Horch commenced operations under the name Audi Automobilwerke GmbH, Zwickau, on April 25, 1910
At the end of the 19th century, there were already a
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The firm strongly believes that these policies allow an organization to clear with on the nature of the organization, what they should expect from the company, what the company expects of them, how policies and procedures work at your company, what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and the consequences of unacceptable behaviour. All the policies of the company are posted in the common notice board at the entrance of the first floor.

The personnel department of the firm includes 12 members at different levels ranging from general manager to junior manager.

Junior manager→ senior manager→ Asst. manager→ Manager HR→ GM HR

The HR management occupies the central portion of the organizational chart and is connected to all the other departments. The important functions of the HR department includes recruiting, hiring right person for the right designation, training, policy making, strategic planning, coordinating, motivating, mediating, counselling, housekeeping and legal consulting.

AUDI believes that all employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination. All management personnel are responsible and accountable for assuring that the environment AUDI and all its subsidiaries is free of discriminatory conduct. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated. And throughout the world, in the countries in which the company operates, the employees are treated fairly,

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