Audi Tts, Leap Of Faith, Advert And One Of The New Ford Focus Advertisements

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The two recent advertisements that I have chosen to discuss are the Audi TTS “Leap of Faith” advert and one of the new Ford Focus advertisements which showcases the Active Park Assist feature. Audi’s campaign is from October 2014 to present, but Ford’s campaign began in 2013 and this is the latest advertisement which was brought to screens in November, to highlight the new technology. According to Left-lane (2014) Audi TT sales were strong earlier in the year in 2014 compared with 2012 and 2013, but from May 2014 sales have been very low. This prompted Audi to embark on this marketing campaign and we see that it was introduced in October and Sales in October go back to normal levels, November sales aren’t available yet. This shows that…show more content…
We see this in the advert as the car is depicted as a comet or space ship soaring through the atmosphere, where it meets a ramp which allows it to keep its speed and start driving along the road at the end of the ramp. This sort of style is aimed more at men because it is an action themed with the slogan “You dare or you don’t” as if it is challenging the audience to prove themselves by buying their product and driving it to the edge. According to Belch & Belch (2008: p.298) when using a dramatization approach, it uses drama to draw the viewer into the action it portrays and when it is successful the audience becomes lost in the story, for example in Audi’s case, they wonder what will happen when it meets the massive ramp structure, so the advert builds up all the suspense to entice, or capture its audience. The music used and the sound effect of a rocket also helps build the suspense in a serious tone. The audio, according to Belch & Belch (2008: p.303) helps establish an image and adds feeling to the advertisement, which will help the advert have more of an impact on the audience. The Ford Focus advert is a Demonstrative conceptual approach which also highlights the benefits of the new technology they have invented. According to Belch & Belch (2008: p.293) demonstration executions can be very effective in convincing consumers of
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