Audie Murphy: to Hell and Back Book Report Essay

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OC Person, Darius J. 3 June 2012 Audie Murphy: To Hell and Back Book Report Lt. Audie L. Murphy’s name stands as one of the most prominent in American military history. He was a figurehead of leadership and the epitome of the seven Army Values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage). He was a model for every soldier to follow, one that overcame every odd that was ever against him and rose to conquer every challenge. In his personal memoir “To Hell and Back”, he expressed a very personal view of what it takes to embody these characteristics which would eventually encourage anyone who reads it. In the next few paragraphs I will expound on his leadership and analyze what it really takes…show more content…
Born Audie Leon Murphy to Emmet Berry Murphy and Josie Bell in the summer of June 20, 1924, Lt. Murphy was the sixth of twelve children and the oldest son. His father abandoned them in 1936, leaving Lt. Murphy the responsibility of dropping out of school in the 5th grade to provide for his family, doing odd jobs. From the days of his youth he was being molded into a leader, having to lead a family by providing food and income from this day on. Wanting to make a difference and provide for his family and being inspired by his veteran uncle he decided to enlist into the military. Of course he was met with opposition, being only 5’5” and 110 lbs with a “baby face” he had already been turned down by the Marines, the Navy and the Army Paratroopers. But this resilient, persistent young leader with a “never quit mentality” would not take no for an answer. In June of 1942 on his 17th birthday, he handed in a document signed by his older sister stating that he was old enough to enlist into the Army. In this back-story there is a foundation to leadership that I think most people would miss, he had a purpose. Throughout this book you can hear an endearing love for his mother, who died in 1941, which I believe would motivate him to fight day in and day out. Several characters are introduced throughout this memoir, some were very close friends others he did not care too much for, but he fought for all of them the same; as soldiers. Having performed his duty in

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