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Yaourt Frozen Yogurt: Audience Analysis and Sample Social Media Posts Frozen yogurt is back. To be accurate, frozen yogurt never left. However, since its start in the 1980s, the frozen yogurt industry has gone through cycles of popularity and decline (Franchise Help, 2015). After over a decade of success in the 80s, sales cooled in the late 90s and many businesses closed their doors. Over the last ten years, a new generation of frozen yogurt stores has spurred a revival. New flavors, toppings, and shop designs have revitalized the industry, opening opportunities for both franchises, such Red Mango or Pinkberry, and independent operators, such as Yaourt Frozen Yogurt in Dublin, Ohio. This revival also brings frozen yogurt into the social…show more content…
Buyer Personas Jimmy: Jimmy is a seven-year-old boy. Jimmy loves ice cream. Every weekend, his mom takes him along with her as she goes shopping. If he behaves well while they are out, he is rewarded with a trip to the ice cream store. Jimmy doesn’t care whether it is ice cream or frozen yogurt, he just wants it to take good. He does like that he can mix the different flavors of frozen yogurt together. He also likes that he can serve himself and put as much in his bowl as he wants. Jimmy tends to get sweeter flavors that are also found in ice cream, such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. When it comes to putting on toppings, he wants chocolate and sprinkles. Donna: Donna is Jimmy’s 30-year-old mom. She really loves ice cream and every weekend she hopes that Jimmy will behave so that they can go to a local shop. Donna has been bypassing the ice cream shops in favor of frozen yogurt because she likes that frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream. She does not feel guilty letting Jimmy fill his bowl completely up with yogurt and toppings. She also does not feel guilty when she does it herself. Being more health conscious, Donna goes with the plain-tart frozen yogurt and tops it with fresh fruit, skipping all the sweet stuff even though she wants it. Nathan: Nathan is a
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