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Audience Analysis 1 In this audience analysis, I have addressed a situation in which I am called on to present quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers. I will explain how I will address the communication to this audience by answering the following questions: (1) What characteristics of the audience must I consider?, (2) What communication channels are appropriate? (3) What are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?, and (4) How would I ensure that my message is effective? The characteristics of the audience that I must consider when addressing the audience are the primary stakeholders. …show more content…
An example of face to face presentation might include showing graphs, spreadsheets, power point presentation to those individuals who will be affected by an endeavor and can influence it. In public speaking of any form to a diverse group of individuals, my main consideration as the speaker is my concentration on the audience that I am speaking to. In starting an effective presentation, 2 the considerations of the audience are critical to achieving a success. The main reason is the various characteristics of the target audience and the communication channels have to be sufficient and appropriate to convey the message to the audience effectively. Using a presentation of quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders for analyzing the audience allow to explore the various characteristics' of this diverse group of individuals who include managers, sales persons, and customers. A breakdown of the audience characteristics and their demographic make-up is necessary for analysis to best illustrate the necessary considerations that are important in performing this presentation effectively. Some considerations to keep in mind given

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