Audience Analysis

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Analyzing the Audience: Analysis of the audience is an important part of the presentation of a speech that precedes the selection of a topic. This process requires asking specific questions regarding the topic in order to understand the interests, knowledge, and attitudes of the audience towards the topic. As part of adopting strategies and methods to ensure effectiveness of communication, analyzing the audience is vital for audience identification. Moreover, this process enables the speaker to choose the appropriate means of communication that ensures that the message is delivered appropriately. Analyzing the audience is also a vital point in speech presentation because of its impact on the direction of the speech. Demographic Factors to Consider About Audience: Audience analysis is basically described as the process that guides the preparation and examination of any well-structured speech. This process requires the speaker to analyze the audience before, during, and after the delivery of the speech. However, audience analysis is hugely conducted before the presentation of the speech than during the act of speaking. One of the first and critical steps of the process of audience analysis is the examination of the demographic factors. This is followed by the evaluation of the socio-economic, psychographic, and environmental characteristics of the audience (Atkins-Sayre, n.d.). As part of the preparation for the speech, some of the demographic factors to consider about
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