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Audience Analysis: My audience will consist of different age groups, genders, and educational background. For example, the audience members are made up of ages between 12 years old and 60 years old. Also, there is a diversity of educational background among each audience member. For instance, two audience members obtained a college degree, as for, three audience members they are still attending high school. For this reason, I desire to define assertiveness in demeanor for all ages and educational background to understand. Moreover, each audience member is related to me. Therefore, each member knows my name, personality, hobbies, parents, and where I live. Also, since my family is my audience members I then decided on an informal dress code.
I believe my audience will appreciate the information on assertive communication and actions. For bullying has affected several audience members in the past. Therefore, I will conduct the speech in a serious and sympathetic manner.

“Why is assertiveness one of the best methods against negative association and worthless thinking?”
General purpose: Informative explanation speech

Specific purpose: To inform my audience of why assertive communication is considered the elite method of communication.

Organization pattern: Topical pattern

I Attention-grabber: "Your Crazy!", "You are dumb and ugly" and "You will never become anything!" Has anyone called you these names before and made you feel worthless? How would you
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