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Over the course of my observations of McComas Gym’s weight room, it was easy to figure out what type of audience would be interested in my essay. Based off this audience, I developed a persona who represents the weight room community by combining many of the characteristics I observed in individuals in the weight room. My developed persona is an ideal representative of an “insider” to the weight room community, as well as a representative of my essay’s audience. The type of audience who would be interested in the essay I wrote would be members of the actual weight lifting community. By talking specifically about McComas weight room in my essay, the ideas and observations in the essay would be beneficial to someone that actually uses …show more content…
An example of this would be managers using the data I present in my essay about the weight room to decide which machines they should reduce, and which machines or pieces of equipment they should order more of. I developed a character to be a representative of the main audience for my essay by taking the characteristics of individuals observed in McComas’ weight room and combining them into one persona. Based off of this, the persona is a male Virginia Tech college student who is familiar with the weight room and the concepts of body building. He is in good physical shape, and wears typical gym clothing, such as gym shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, or wife-beaters. He has long-term experience with the majority of the weight and machines found in McComas’ weight room, and falls into the category of “serious lifters,” rather than just an occasional gym-goer. He is very perseverant in his work out regiment, and has a focused mindset. The persona I described above is an “insider” of the McComas weight room community, as well as the larger weight lifting community as a whole. As an insider, my character is a part of the weight lifting community rather than just an observer. In the case of the specific community which I chose to write about, I believed that an insider persona would be better suited to represent the audience I am writing to versus an outsider, simply

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