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Effective communication in the business world must be mastered to be successful in the competitive market. Individuals will need to learn about their audience to know the best way to convey their messages effectively. If individuals do not analyze their audience first, then their messages will be lost to some of the audience who may not understand the level of language. With diversity in the business environment, individuals must ensure that when they speak to an audience that they gear their message to everyone. When addressing a situation in which diversity is present, speakers must always design communication with the audience in mind.
To achieve effective communication in a diverse audience, speakers must consider the characteristics
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If the speaker does not know the audience then he or she will interpret the Chinese’s eye contact to be surprised and not angered. The next consideration a speaker must keep in mind is that when presenting an oral communication, how the speaker carries his or her voice is crucial from the audience point of view. The speaker’s tone of voice, whether rising or lowering the voice, indicates if he or she is uncertain or confident and whether the speaker is sincere or sarcastic. The pitch of the speaker’s voice from low to high will determine the effectiveness of the presentation. Low-pitched voices are more pleasant to listen to than high-pitched voices; on the other hand, there are times when high-pitched voices are required such as to show excitement for goals met. Besides watching for the voice pitch, the speaker must remember to stress a word or words in the sentence to emphasize the main points of the presentation. Also the speaker must ensure the volume of his or her tone can be heard by the audience who sits in the back room without shouting. Speakers who change their tone, pitch, and stress as they speak are more enthusiastic, energetic, and more intelligent (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).
To ensure the message is effective, the speaker must state the purpose of the meeting at the beginning and allow enough time to discuss any questions the audience may have. While making the presentation, the speaker needs to pay attention to the audience

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